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We have thousands of satisfied customers all over North Carolina from the mountains to the coast. They know we will save them money each month and be there when they need us. We have the perfect insurance product to meet your needs. Get a quote today!
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We have two offices in Raleigh, NC and two offices in Durham, NC and we cover the entire state of North Carolina. Choose the office nearest you and let our insurance company in North Carolina take care of all your needs with our wide array of insurance options to fit your budget.
Please stop by the office most convenient to you contact us by phone and start saving money today!
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NC Car Insurance
Free Car Insurance Quote
It's critical to have the right car insurance. You don't want to pay too much but you also don't want to have expensive car repairs or medical bills after an accident. Let us check your current insurance policy to make sure you're covered and tell you where we can save you money.
Homeowner Insurance
Protect Your Possessions
Protect you, your family, and your possessions from loss and unexpected events like fire, theft, and vandalism. Some insurance policies cover temporary housing costs if a disaster makes your home unlivable and they could start at just $460 per year! Let us give you an insurance policy checkup to make sure you and your family have the best safety net in case the worst happens.
Renter's Insurance
Low Cost Protection
For just a few dollars per month you could affordably protect your apartment or rental home possessions from loss due to unwelcomed events like fire or theft. Let our agents review your current policy to make sure you're covered and show you where we can save you money without sacrificing coverage.